Senior Design Group 1


Welcome to the website for the STEM Senior Design 2020-21 Group 1 Project! Look around and see what we are up to!

What we are doing!

Our goal was to design and build a semi-autonomous climate-controlled greenhouse specifically designed for the growing of plants that require high humidity and heat in regions that does not provide those conditions.

Phase 1

In phase 1 of our process, we used creative thinking and critical problem solving to create a concept that would fit our requirements. We used the first semester and 2 weeks of the second semester to come to a conclusive design.

( See Design Proposal and Design Process)

Phase 2 (currently in progress)

In phase 2 of our process we utilized our individual skills (with the added 2 new members to the group) to construct, program and stylize the greenhouse as well as develop this site.

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Budget Finalized 2.25.2021

We have finally released the budget for our group. You can check it out in the sheet below!


STEM at Skyline:

The mission of the STEM Academy at Skyline High School is to help students realize their potential for success in STEM careers by encouraging the development of critical thinking skills, and by providing them with a head start in pursuing their post-secondary education.